My Results for Life program focuses on a flexible dieting protocol (no foods are restricted) that in the beginning utilizes counting macronutrients. Eventually my program moves the client away from counting macros and into an intuitive/mindful eating style. I utilize intermittent fasting, Keto, low-carb, carb-cycling tactics if deemed necessary for my individual client’s goals. The goal of my Results For Life program is to create a life-long-lasting lifestyle and eating habits that will keep someone fit and healthy for the rest of their life (not just for the next 12 weeks). I also use Cognitive Behavioral Strategies taken from my Licensed Professional Mental Health Therapist background with my clients that help change the thinking patterns that lead to over eating and unhealthy behavior. This is where the change in my client’s relationship with food and their bodies really come from and why the results are for a lifetime.

My Results for Life plan includes:

1. Initial assessments and goal setting components

2. A weekly, individualized amount for macronutrient intake based on your goals

3.  Ideas and feedback of exactly what needs to be done to hit your goals including some strategies from my mental health training to keep you motivated and on track mentally and emotionally

4. Personal accountability support (text/email contact that tells me you accomplished or didn't accomplish the daily/weekly plan)

5.  An end of week check-in so I can program macronutrients for the following week based on how the previous week went

6. Access to me, your coach, via text/email to help you navigate the ups and downs of transforming your body, to answer questions, and to give support and motivation if you're struggling

7. Once a month phone consult if deemed necessary

(Everything that is written, said, and shared by my clients is considered confidential on my end. I treat this partnership just as I do with my counseling clients; complete confidentiality.) 

More about me and the Results For Life program I’ve created…

After a few years of spending 1/2 my working time counseling mental health clients and the other 1/2 on coaching people to loose fat, get fit, lean out, and get healthy I’ve learned a few things:

1. Long-term weight loss and healthy living takes longer than a 4-6 week program. If you lose more than 1-2 pounds a week, the odds of you keeping it off for good are very, very limited. 

2. If you deal with any kind of emotional eating, an “eating plan” with specific foods to eat will not work. Mental, emotional, and behavioral strategies all need to be taught, learned, and put into play with support in place to answer questions, redirect you, educate you, and encourage you. 

3. Desire to change is not enough to make a permanent lifestyle change for most people. Accountability and support need to be worked into the process. 

If you are looking to change your eating habits, your health habits, and your body for the long-term (a true lifestyle change), get in touch with me. I have created a program for online/remote clients with a focus on macros, flexible eating, meal-timing, and individualized plans based on personalities and detailed assessments with the intention of creating life-long healthy habits and patterns that are sustainable. This means there are no “bad foods” and all foods are allowed in some capacity. This is a program to train people how to eat to be healthy for the long term while still allowing food to be a source of pleasure and enjoyment. I work with clients who want to take off 3 pounds to 300 pounds, stop binge-eating, get their health back, up their athletic performance, and/or develop a normal/healthy relationship with food. 

This program is all done remote/online through text/email/check-ins and sometimes consults via FaceTime or phone calls. Cost is 160.00 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you also want me to program workouts for you, you will receive 3 workouts per week that reflect your goals. Cost is 245.00 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months. I also offer custom plans for people who just want workouts or just want phone consults/coaching/etc.

I truly believe my purpose in this world is to help people live the authentic life they are called to live. I believe this happens by optimizing the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical systems and that they are all interrelated. @heynencounselingandcoaching