"Asking Heather to help me reach my fitness goals is probably in the top 10 best choices I have ever made. This is coming from someone who owned her own personal training business but needed someone to hold ME accountable! After 3 months training with her (when I say with, I mean several thousand miles across the ocean) I feel better than I have in 10+ years! I finished 3 months and was ready to set my next goal because the first became a reality I always said I wanted but never achieved. I am currently starting round two with Heather and have ZERO doubts that with her motivation and positive vibes I will reach that next goal! Putting your physical, mental and emotional heath at the top of your priority list can change your entire life from the inside out! Treat your body the way you want it to treat you! ❤️💪🏼" MF

"This has been such a life changing program for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  😊.  I have enjoyed this also. I'm so thankful how easy you make this program. I have never had luck with stuff like this.  You are very good at what you do 😊 " AW

"I feel beyond blessed to be able to train the way I do with you. It astonishes me how many people asked me how sore are you post running the half and when I tell them I am not, I get this look like I am a not human. It is all due to what you lay out and up to me to follow that (a warrior trusting every aspect of the training food, mental, and physical). Being back in the gym on Monday (granted it was arm day) felt amazing to me, I have friends that still hurt 3 day later. Grateful to have your guidance through all of this, it wouldn’t be possible without you." TW

"Oh, what am I doing this weekend you ask? Ummm, oh yeah, just subbing as coach for my running group!😉" KM

"Three positives I am gaining by living healthy and well:

1.    Being able to do what I want, unstoppable every day even when trying new things/adventures. Living healthy and well is a confidence boaster. Stopped saying things like: “that is too far”; “not now later”; “I don’t have time”; was the game changer for me. Identifying what was going to make me happy and stepping towards that every day in some way even if it is a small steps or a leap of faith.

2.    Being able to recognize new strengths within myself each day through self-reflections, breathing, working through become a more mindful athlete and pushing myself through uncomfortable from the inside. 

3.    Plus the obvious: living healthy is a mood enhancer, combats disease, physical attributes in the change through weight loss and definition, focus and the energy gained from properly fueling the body and mind with wholesome clean foods. I just feel better when I eat clean. 

4.    Inspiring/motivating…..for myself and others. Knowing I am doing what I only once thought was achievable continues to inspire me to want and driver for something more. The inspiring side to others I believe comes from the dedication and commitment I give to myself that amazes others. They want the results but lack the commitment to themselves. " TB

"My weight today is 139.4 I don’t think I have been that weight for close to 15 years.  So…exciting.  I can’t wait to take pictures this morning,  Sometimes It’s hard to see the difference in the mirror, but the pictures help me see the difference.  I am also pretty excited my measurements at my belly button are finally under 32.9.  The last time my waist was this small was probably 20 years ago.  I am curious to see what the next 6 weeks brings.  Onto week 7. " JP

"Well this week I lost 3.2 lbs, wow that’s the most I’ve lost since week 1.  I am so excited considering last weekend was Las Vegas. What came as a surprise to me on my trip was I never felt like I was sacrificing anything.  I ate some really good healthy food choices, and I have actually made some of the same things since I’ve been home.  I was able to indulge with my liquid beverages and came home satisfied, and didn’t get out of control with my weight." JW

"Thank you:)  I am so excited about my progress.  I feel so good about myself right now.  My husband is even slowly converting to my ways.  I think he figured if he didn’t eat what I cooked, he was going to starve to death.  Ha Ha :)" LS

"I can’t wait to add another flex meal to my plan. The funny thing is in the beginning my flex meal was french fries, soda, and a greasy burger.  Now it’s just eating healthy and not weighing everything. Oh and an occasional roasted marshmallow by the fire pit." KS

"I was thinking this morning what happens when I hit my goal weight...? My thoughts were, this isn't about a weight, but because I get under 150 doesn't mean I should stop doing the right thing. I just want to eat clean, feel good and ROCK my workouts and that is exactly what I am doing. I am really happy and so thankful for your support. I am finally feeling like myself again!"  AW

"This has been a pretty incredible journey, I am anxious to see what the next 5 weeks bring. I can’t wait to show you the pictures at the end. The transformation is amazing.  I have so much more confidence and feel so much better about myself.  The transformation is both physical and mental."  JS

"Interesting results.... I have been plagued by a really annoying skin condition since I deployed in 2003.  Every summer it flares when it gets hot.  Every time I vacation somewhere warm I end up with it.  It's called tinea versicolor.  It leaves hypo pigmented spots once it goes away. Not cute in a bikini.  Anyway, my point, is that I have not yet had a flare up since changing my eating.  Totally awesome!" KO

"Guess what??  I ran 1.5 miles straight this morningI did 2 miles walked the first .5 and ran the rest. My pace was 9.33.  Yay!!!" JS

"Hi Heather, Love the Seth Godin quote! The sun is out & my scale says I am at 140.5 this morning🤓. I absolutely know I would not be there without your program." SC

"Hey Heather, Just wanted to let you know the past few days have been going great!  It's never been this easy for me to drop 5 lbs, keep it off, and not feel constant hunger!  Not sure if it's the foods you have me eating, or the combination, but whatever it is.....it's easy!  And I've really enjoyed getting back to eating more veggies and not so much sugar!  Feels so good to be doing some clean eating and I'm 100% sure that I'm going to keep this up for life!  Also I absolutely love the exercises you have me doing!!  I know if I keep it up, I'll be a lot stronger on the bike and just in life in general.  You are the best!" JK